Flexible Packaging Products Corporation
    Flexible Packaging Products Corporation is considered as one of the leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions in Philippines for both local and multinational companies. It has a fully integrated processes from raw material manufacturing to delivery of finished products.
    To achieve our vision, we commit to excellence in the following areas:
      FUNCTIONAL EXCELLENCE - Efficient and standard business processes,Upgraded equipment and software.
      EMPLOYEES AND TEAMS - Functional skills development,Aligned actions with core values.
      CUSTOMERS - Delivery of high quality and innovative products,On-time, right volume, and reasonable price.
      ENVIRONMENT - Care for environment.
      COMMUNITIES - Socially responsible practices, compliance with safety and occupational health standards.
    To become the leader in flexible packaging industry. To become the preferred provider because we have the highest product quality and service. To become business partners of our customers. Thus, we help each other sustain our businesses profitably.
    EXCELLENCE - We strive for perfection in line with company’s direction.
    PASSION - We have strong commitment towards achieving sustainable business growth.
    RELATIONSHIPS - We earn their confidence and business every day.
    MUTUAL RESPECT - We operate with integrity and personal accountability.
    QUALITY - What we do, we do BEST.
    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - It is our mission to keep our customers satisfied.